3 thoughts on “Carole corrects the record and outs Matt for the liar he is!!!!

  1. Peter John Ross’ video he uses to harass Matt? You mean the video where Matt called Peter’s phone saying “the only reason I make horror movies is to prevent me from killing scumbags like you,” and also where he makes the bizarre comment about Cincinnati chili in Columbus?

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  2. Matt has been bullying people online day in day out for at least 5 years, and all Peter has ever done is calmly respond to his threats. It only took Matt a week in Flint, Michigan before he started blowing up at people on Facebook. Pretty clear who has the cyberbullying addiction.

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  3. I’m newer to this situation than most of you. From an outsider, Matthew writes an abnormal amount about this Peter. Obsessed is not a strong enough word. If Peter really got a restraining order against Matthew, it would make perfect sense. Matthew is mentally deranged and persistently thinking he is being persecuted by someone a lot more famous than Matt is.

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