3 thoughts on “Matt treats the people life like it’s a game. Citizens of Flint tell Matt to get psychiatric help!

  1. So pompous. Matt invokes “their will” when all he is is some unknown schmuck who waltzed into Flint a week ago and tried to forcibly insinuate himself into the mayoral race. Everyone on the Flint Strong Facebook page pretty much unanimously agreed that Matt deserved to be banned for making threats against people, so it would appear the will of Flint is actually strongly against him.

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    1. People Matt believes are his friends in Flint are really working against him. They are trying to get him to turn himself into the police soon. I do not believe he will. It’s going to get ugly since everyone is on the look out for his Land Rover.

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  2. 5 years ago PJR scrutinized Matty’s lies on a niche Internet forum for film-makers, and now that’s somehow jumped to PJR being responsible for the water crisis in Flint. The whole situation would be almost comical if it weren’t for the fact that this is the result of stalking by a mentally ill person that has gone on for over half a decade.

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