Pay up little liar – you owe each of us $100


8 thoughts on “Pay up little liar – you owe each of us $100

  1. says:

    This isn’t the only time Matt has cried wolf about PJR being arrested, and Matt’s harassment does anything but bring people health or safety.

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      • says:

        Pretty sure he made a bet with Marjorie too that he never paid. C’mon, Matthew. You’ve got a net worth of $1,300,000 so you say. So what’s coughing up several hundred dollars to a few peons like us?

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      • Obviously Matthew says:

        I’d be more than happy to pay up. For real. As you long as you admit that Peter failed to show up because he got caught violating his own CSPO, and even admitted it in writing.


  2. Gary Hastings says:

    The worst part is Matt is just an attention whore. He’d scream fire in a crowded room if people would just look at him. It’s so sad, so pathetic. And really funny because he deserves to be miserable forever. I think karma works well in that his daily existence is a hellish nightmare of constant neediness and misery. Good. He deserves to live like this forever. I hope this blog never ever stops posting his own words back at him. If hell is Matt feeling tormented by having to see what he has done, and people know about him, may this blog forever be there to help.

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