5 thoughts on “Strange things always happen to Matt. Never his own fault. And he thinks Flint will be different. It ain’t. HAHAHAHHAHAHA

  1. It’s already much different, almost completely. Your campaigns don’t work in larger towns. You have this site here with all kinds of statements about how the community is this and that has been exposed and people are blah blah blah but literally none of that is happening, making all of this blather nothing more than a figment of your overactive imagination, as usual. I surmise that you can’t admit that your campaigns are weak and failing, so you’ve created a false reality to protect yourself from what must be almost crushing cognitive dissonance crashing around your broken, twisted brain. Of course, what is hilarious is that you’re just trolls, so you know what is being said is true, but you’ll only disagree because you can’t resist writing about your hero, like the internet dingleberry you are.


    1. “Your campaigns don’t work in larger towns.”

      So you’re conceding that these blogs have been effective at stopping you in smaller towns?

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      1. These “campaigns”? Posting screenshots of Matt’s social media hardly can be described as a campaign.

        They have always worked and will forever because Matt shoots himself in the foot everywhere he goes. He’s a mentally deficient freakshow of disorders that refuses to get treatment.

        At least he brings a lot of joy to people’s lives with the humor of being an idiot. We can all keep laughing at him and let the sound of our giggles echo into his head for hours at a time. The chorus of laughter increases daily the harder he tries.

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  2. Judging a whole group of people based solely on nothing but their skin color ?????? WOW Matt you’ve reached a whole new level of low you racist coward. Bigots like you are the reason there’s a crisis going on in Flint. Matt hates the people of Flint and thinks their lives are a game.

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